leftover stories.

14: Mad Wings


(9 minutes)

This story is about a guy who’s struggling to free himself from a sort of labyrinth, like Icarus. And, like Icarus, he too has a tragic ending.

Sound Design by Shani Aviram. And special thanks to Alex Acquisto.

Phil Jasen
[ Drawing by Phil Jasen ]


13: Happy-Go-Round


(10 1/2 minutes) | DOWNLOAD

Mae Blankets, an ex-Mennonite, lost faith in Christianity when she was 13 years old. After years of searching for another religion, none worked. So she decided to create one.

[ Photo by Kiki ]

12: Ink & M16s


(7 minutes) | DOWNLOAD

In a war you have your typical players. They’re the soldiers, the medics, politicians and journalists. Translators too. And then there‚Äôs Steve Mumford, the artist.

Field sketch
Empire (a recreation)
[ Art by Steve Mumford ]

11: This Salt Life


(10 1/2 minutes) | DOWNLOAD

At Salt Lisa had this wonderful idea of hosting a talent show. Emma, who’s British, wanted to showcase her American accent. So she came up with this idea that Alex and I desperately wanted to be a part of.

In this episode of This Salt Life we predict the future! Stories of Salt students ten years from now–including living a double life, false accusations, and America’s favorite pet.

[ Photo by Mooj ]

10: Bevin Lucas: The Comic Fan

Bevin Lucas: Comic Lover

Bevin Lucas got into comics at a young age and ever since they have influenced her artwork. Now, she’s a print-maker at Maine College of Art. Comics have even become a surprising way for her to bond with her businessman dad. But in the world of comics it can be hard to be a female fan. Bevin tells us about her experience of feeling insecure in this stereotypically fan-boy community.

This project was in collaboration with Wolfgang Daniel and Frances Harlow.

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